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About Uma Mansharamani

Uma Mansharamani is one of a successful Entrepreneur Trainers, a Mentor, a Tedx Speaker, a Motivational Speaker, an author business advisor and a well-known life success coach.

She is a founder of TAJURBA BUSINESS NETWORK and have 38 years of international and domestic business experience.

She is well-known for her one-on-one business and life coaching sessions, which result in extraordinary changes. She is dedicated to accelerating amazing growth and assisting others in living more meaningful, passionate, and happy lives. With Uma Mansharamani as your trusted counselor, you may inspire greatness inside yourself and achieve your greatest success in business and life.


Public Speaking Assignments

  • Public Speaking to motivate teams & boost performance
  • Public Speaking to Sail Through Adversities and attain Resilience
  • To inspire MSMEs and Start-ups to build their businesses into Unicorns
  • To inspire entrepreneurship amongst students
  • Boost Sales and infuse life force into your company

Trainings for Corporates & Personal Development, for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Professionals, and Intrapreneurs:

  • Public Speaking & Communication Skills
  • Turbo Sales Blueprint
  • Personal Breakthrough
  • Total Life Transformation
  • Leadership Skills
  • How to make a Business Plan
  • How to Set up & Grow your Exports Business
  • Objectives & Key Results (Peak Performance Booster)
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Four (4) Pillars of Business Success
  • Self Confidence for Success
  • How to manage your stress: From Distress to De-stress
  • How to create work-life balance
  • How to create your Personal Brand
  • Realize your money dreams (Law of Attraction)

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Inspiring Keynotes

A good business leader knows how to create a vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.

Get the chance to learn from our well-designed learning sessions. We offer following learning sessions

Money Mindset and Success Bluprints, Finding the Opportunities, Winning Sales & Marketing strategies, Building a Strong Team, Funding for Your Business, Preparation for IPO, Life After IPO

Fun, Friends & Food

Morning Registrations 9 AM with Tea- Coffee
Enjoy Networking Tea-coffee and light refreshment at 11.30 AM and 4.30 PM
Mouthwatering delicious Lunch at 2 PM

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