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Growth Mind set – Either win or learn


Sometimes we all muse over the question – Is there any natural predisposition to success? Suppose you are presented with a set of problems to solve. But they are hard enough for you to understand. What would be your response? Would you love the challenge or find yourself in the shock of knowing less?

Let us start with the second category. People who fall here feel the autocracy of the moment and are gripped by it helplessly. It’s no wonder what they can do next. They will either cheat, do worse, or run from the situation. This is because the probability of learning is naught.

The first category believes that their abilities can grow in tricky situations. This is possible with hard work and perseverance. This is the growth mindset. As we get more inclined towards any of these mental make-ups, they become our natural way of thinking.

In the journey of entrepreneurship, a growth mindset is a key requisite. It is a magical perspective that changes normality into wonder and setbacks into curiosity. Like a turbocharger, a growth mindset drives an entrepreneur steadfastly towards his goal. It is this attitude that determines his direction and encourages creativity, builds determination and teamwork, imparts an integrated goal and brings success. But once the way of thinking gets (bracketed), how do we break through our psychology? The stride from conservative to creative, from uncertainty to trust is a fundamental shift which is possible if we work along the following action lines:

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