Train Your Mind For Money

Train Your Mind For Money

Our brain has the ability to reinforce and regulate our life. Homeostatic impulse in our subconscious mind helps us to regulate the functions like body temperature, heartbeat and breathing. But most of us fail to understand that just as our brain is built to regulate our physical body, the same way our mental self can also be regulated.

Our subconscious mind is the gatekeeper of our comfort zone. It is also a realm in which we can expect with ourselves the greatest success, happiness, wholeness or healing of our life.

Instead of just saying that I'll be happy when I'll be having a few lacs in a week as my earnings in my bank account, a promotion or a couple of events down the line, we need to work on changing our inner monologue. " I allow my life to be happy and successful now" should be our inner monologue that can change our mind set and our subconscious mind is trained to be successful.

Once we have started speaking about success in our inner monologue it's important to talk about it as a present fact, not a future plan. Instead of saying: “I hope to do that one day,” say, “I am so successful now.”

The next step towards being successful is to create a vision space. Be specific about the amount figure when it comes to money; or revenue when it comes to success. Once you have a crystal-clear idea that this is what you want in your life, then start working on making it a reality.

When our subconscious mind holds us back from pursuing something that we love, it is because we are holding a conflicting belief about it. It is important that we need to identify our resistance and question ourselves. If what we really want actually puts us in a place where we feel more uneasy or unsafe in our mind, then definitely we need to make resistances resolved before proceeding further.

Creating a master plan for your life is as essential as looking at yourself being successful. Identify the core value and motivation for your life. Underline the ultimate goal of your life and the kind of legacy you want to leave behind you. Have a bird eye view of your life and then outline the long-term plans which would be fruitful and much easier to pursue.

Listening to motivational speeches is fuel to your mind. A talk show that relates to the type of business your're trying, creates a positive mind set and a magnetic aura surrounds you. Whosoever comes in that magnetic aura derives positive vibrations and it creates a poignant impact on your personality.

If you want to overcome weaknesses, heal yourself, solve your problems and achieve greater success in business &life, you may get in touch with Business trainers.

Uma Mansharamani is a certified trainer&Tedx speaker with 35years of International Business Experience. She is No.1 Woman Business Coach in India. Her training on understanding the power of subconscious mind has brought marvelous changes in the lives of several entrepreneurs. Her Goal-centric approach while advising entrepreneurs helps them achieve desired results in their Business Growth.

Like many other highly successful people you too can bring more power, more wealth, more happiness and more joy in your life.

 It Is Possible To Be Super- Successful, If Only You Follow The Process!