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About Uma Mansharamani


  • Uma Mansharamani is a Certified trainer trained by Renowned and Revered Blair Singer.
  • She is a serial entrepreneur and Business Coach in Delhi over 35 years of experience including 25 years of hands on experience in International Business or Exports of Apparel, Accessories, Home Furnishing including: Concept and Design, Product Development,Marketing and Sales, Pricing, Procurement, Processing, Production planning and execution, Quality Assurance, Documentation, Shipping and Logistics, Payments tracking, Systems and processes for: Scaling up of business, Optimum use of resources, Enhance Productivity, Enhance Profitability.
  • Besides export house she has also run a Sourcing Agency for her clients catering to Stores chains with 4000+; 700+; 400+; 150+ Stores besides many large and small importers, boutique buyers, renowned brands and designers; getting their goods manufactured from India and overseas including Nepal; Bangladesh, Dubai & China.
  • She is also Cofounder of Tajurba Business Network P. Ltd. offering growth ecosystem for Entrepreneurs and Practicing professionals for business/practice growth through networking and personal growth through trainings, workshops, coaching, seminars etc. which members are finding invaluable.
  • Her Sessions on Money and Success Blueprints in their IDEA to IPO Billion Dollar Secret Workshop has resulted in breakthrough for many participants.


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Best Leadership Trainer in Delhi

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Learn how you can create positive experiences you want to experience in your life.

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Promise Big and then Exceed the Expectations by LEAPS!

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Money Mindset & Success Bluprints, Finding the Opportunities, Winning Sales & Marketing strategies, Building a Strong Team, Funding for Your Business, Preparation for IPO, Life After IPO or How to Stay Rich for Life.

Business Coach in Delhi

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Morning Registrations 9 AM with Tea- Coffee & Networking Tea-coffee and light refreshment at 11.30 AM and 4.30 PM Veg & Non-Veg Lunch at 2 PM

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  • Have you ever wondered What is your Money and Success Blueprint?
  • Do you notice What do you think when you see a Billionaire in news or in person?
  • Do you know What you need to do to hit the Billion Dollar Club?
  • Do you have clarity on What is you Vision, Mission, Strategy to become Super Rich in a Short Time doing Legit Business?
  • All these questions answered and a lot lot lot lot lot more!
  • Look what people who attended last workshop had to say..... Watch Videos!
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    Women Business Coach in Delhi

    What Client's says?

    Client Testimonials

    Women Business Coach in Delhi
    I really Enjoyed the Idea to IPO Session conducted by Suresh ji and Uma ji. Suresh is a wonderfully engaging presenter,very easy to listen to and the course was just the right mix of Business Concepts, practical tips and anecdotes - thank you!!! I recommend this session to anyone who plans to take this Business to new heights.Once you have gone through this session,your belief system is bound to change

    Adhitya Bhogra
    (CEO )Entrepreneur ,Business Strategist

    Women Business Coach in Delhi
    It was such a learning and refreshing experience. The energy, the enthusiasm, the knowledge, the simplicity you put it across Suresh Mansharamani and Mrs Mansharamani is just marvellous. The association we get in your trainings and seminars is the magnet. I attended ToC ( Theory of Constraints) workshop on recommendation of Tonny Sapra. I was busy with business issues and my Dad's health issues. As soon as I got time I jumped in... Having missed your 1st and 2nd shows at Delhi NCR & Siliguri respectively, I had no reason to miss this one. I was perhaps the first to register online, first to leave home (Meerut) at 0600 HRS and I want to be the first to come out with IPO....

    Dr. Jawahar Lal Raina

    Women Business Coach in Delhi
    Luck By Chance For Me is the Experience and Benefit of Gallup Training. Was referred by a Friend and as the Luck Would Have It, got the opportunity for an Electrifying Gallup Coaching Session from Mrs. Uma & Mr. Suresh Mansharamani. Every minute, super well invested with the duo, who made the session a very meaningful episode, for me to learn, remember, grow and multiply in my Personal as well as Business Life. Clear guidance on my Strengths and skills to improvise on them. Thanks again to the super Mansharamanis Pair, who helped me multiply my path to expedited success.

    Gautam Saraf
    (CEO)Fusion Intrade's

    Women Business Coach in Delhi
    Suresh & Uma Mansharamani Ji are great human beings. I had the fortune of having Gallup Coaching from Suresh Ji and it changed my life. Instead of wasting time on my lesser strengths I became aware of my natural talents and strengths. It has given me tremendous confidence to achieve my goals using my strengths. I personally recommend their workshops and coaching session for learning from their knowledge and Tajurba.

    Harman Mehta
    (Founder CEO)MM DOT

    Women Business Coach in Delhi
    My Dear Suresh & Uma Mansharamani, It was such a delight to attend the BILLION DOLLAR SECRETS WORKSHOP !! (Idea to IPO) So elated to see you guys being transformed into Life-Changing GURUS !! I strongly believe giving an abundance mentality is the biggest Gift which can be bestowed to a mortal Human being. This mentality allows the flow of Positive Vibrations and energy that ultimately helps one attract and manifest a Richer and more Rewarding Life !! So Proud and blessed to be associated with you !! Godspeed Love and Triumph !!

    Manjit Singh Saini
    (CEO )Paramount Instruments Pvt Ltd

    Women Business Coach in Delhi
    Suresh and Uma Mansharamani Ji are as much of a power couple as great human beings. Just being in their company is a great life learning. I had the fortune of having Gallup Coaching from them, and it changed my perspective about myself, brought focus on the strengths I had, and I was thinking less about my weaknesses than on. Most of us do the opposite - isn't it!! But that's why we need mentors to lead us - to help us get rid of the dogmas and stigmas and dilemmas we carry along in life. All the very best for the future participants attending their extraordinary sessions - come with an open mind and just follow what they say. There are hundreds of years of learning in their teachings - to take home.

    Mohit Miglani
    (Founder CEO)Tripoffbeat

    Women Business Coach in Delhi
    It's been an evolution with Mr. Suresh Mansharamani & Ms. Uma Mansharamani. They have helped me in the entire spectrum of my life; be it identifying & emphasizing on my strengths & passions or ensuring that I set & meet my financial and life goals. Their mentorship has brought a lot of clarity & confidence into my life. Their enthusiasm is contagious; one cannot stay unaffected by their charisma. They are a rare combination of experience, energy & enthusiasm.

    Rajat Kumar Saxena
    (Vice President Sales)Neo Developers Pvt. Ltd.

    Women Business Coach in Delhi
    Every Entrepreneur needs a Mentor in life. I couldn’t ask for more as I have Mr. Suresh and Mrs. Uma Mansharmani to help me in my Entrepreneurial journey. I have achieved a great many things due to their efforts. Such as when I received Gallup Coaching from them. After only few coaching sessions my confidence in myself had gone off the roof but as an awesome Mentor and Coach they brought it down to just the right point by telling me about the barriers of every strength I had. I realized what I was doing wrong and It was a real turner for me. I wish then great success in life and I will always be thankful to them for being there when I needed.

    Sarthak Arora
    (Founder)Rocket Tech

    Women Business Coach in Delhi
    I met Suresh Ji via UrbanClap in May 2017. I was working as a freelancer at that time. I saw the vast knowledge/Tajurba he has about business and asked for his Mentorship in August 2017. In November 2017 I started with one person branding company under his Mentorship. Now it's been 6 Months already and that one person company has grown to 8 person company with growth of 6x profits in 6 months and my company is targeting Crores of turnover in coming years. I am very grateful to have Suresh Ji as my mentor and my business coach. It was a life-changing moment when I attended his workshop that day. Thank You for Everything.

    Sushil Rajput
    (Founder)SR Visual Service


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